Mayor of Greater Manchester call for a “rethink” on dropping the mask mandate. People are “dependent on it”

Andy Burnham wants the continuation of the mask mandate.

With Labour Shadow Chancellor Rachel Reeves stating she demands more evidence before pushing forward with unlocking the UK on July 19th, Labours Andy Burnham has now joined in saying: “I struggle to see how Ministers can drop the requirement to wear masks on public transport without causing real problems for some people who are dependent on it.”

“Those more vulnerable to infection or anxious about it will be put in a very unfair position.”

“Rethink needed?”

The government has said that after July 19th, it would be up to the individual if they choose to wear a mask or not. Andy Burnham makes out that some people are now entirely dependant on others wearing masks, yet before the pandemic, masks were nowhere to be seen.

Nor is there any evidence that can be repeated showing that these very thin masks work to stop viruses specifically. 

There seems to be a lot of noise coming from Labour as we are about to get life back to some sort of normality, yet all over the pandemic, they were silent. Why? 

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