Eurosceptic supergroup strikes fear into pro-EU superstate establishment.

NEWS BLOG UPDATE – AN ANTI-Brussels Eurosceptic supergroup in the European Parliament could be powerful enough to stop the EU superstate being consolidated.

Dutch MEP Sophie in ’t Veld said: “The likely new group will have access to significant financial resources.

“It will be increasingly difficult for pro-European parliamentarians to construct a ‘Cordon sanitaire.’

“The queasy prospect of Le Pen addressing the chamber of the European Parliament from the front row risks becoming a reality.”

The group of Eurosceptics wrote: “The EU is becoming more and more a tool of radical forces that would like to carry out a cultural, religious transformation and ultimately a nationless construction of Europe, aiming to create… a European superstate.”

“European nations should be based on tradition, respect for the culture and history of European states, respect for Europe’s Judeo-Christian heritage and the common values that unite our nations,”

“We reaffirm our belief that family is the basic unit of our nations.

“In a time when Europe is facing a serious demographic crisis with low birth rates and ageing population, pro-family policy making should be an answer instead of mass immigration.”

Source: Watch out, Brussels! Eurosceptic supergroup strikes fear into pro-EU establishment

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