Brexit-bashing Tusk returns, vowing to unseat Poland’s ‘evil’ eurosceptic leader to save his EU superstate dream. 

FORMER European Council chief Donald Tusk has vowed to topple Poland’s “evil” eurosceptic government after making his return to domestic politics.


LIVE NEWS BLOG – Tusk who once said there’s a special place in hell for the brexiteers”  has vowed to return to Polish politics to stop eurosceptics bringing down his EU superstate dream.

Tusk said: “I am back in 100 per cent.

“The evil that PiS is performing is evident, shameless and permanent . . . It is quite a pitiful parody of dictatorship.”

In reponse to Tusk, The Polish Culture minister Piotr Glinski said: “The emotional state of Mr Tusk is a bit disturbing; hatred and contempt all the time.”

Source: Guess who’s back! Brexit-bashing Tusk vows to unseat Poland’s ‘evil’ eurosceptic leaders