WATCH | Court Ruling – “Northern Ireland and Great Britain have effectively been severed by the Protocol.”

Outside the high court in Belfast, a judge had dismissed the court action brought by Former Brexit Party MEP Ben Habib and other distinguished politicians to challenge the legality of the Northern Ireland Protocol.


Mr Habib said, Though the Judge dismissed the court action, “justice Colton had no option but to claim fundamental parts of the Act of Union 1800 had been repealed.”

The statement continued: “He had to do so because on no sane assessment could he argue (as the government has done) that the Protocol does not breach our union. Justice Colton’s admission is, in itself, a huge win for us.”

“At last the government cannot hide behind its litany of misrepresentations about the Protocol.”

“However, we will appeal Justice Colton’s verdict. We cannot allow a court to claim the Protocol to be legal when it so clearly breaks up our country, undermines the Belfast Agreement and allows the EU to annex part of our country – all without a single vote in favour of these awful constitutional changes.”