Welsh separatist group YesCymru release petition to ban Union Flag on government building.

The Anti-UK group, Yes Cymru, who wants the independence of Wales from the UK, has set up a petition online to try and remove the union flag from the HMRC government building in Cardiff.

In their statement with the petition, Yes Cymru states the Union Flag doesn’t represent Wales and is placed to “promote ‘muscular unionism’ a reminder to the people of Wales of their subservient status in the United Kingdom.”

Yes Cymru continued, saying, displaying the flag is “a blatant political act designed to act as a provocation to the people of Wales.”

With the petition gaining nearly 8,000 signatories, the anti-UK rhetoric was in abundance.

One of the responders to the petition said: “Aside from our being a waste of taxpayers money, it reinforces the image of Wales as a colony and is divisive, desperate and shallow.”

Another wrote: “The union jack is a symbol of oppression, colonialism, racism and slavery.”