Former Conservative Health Minister says ‘NO’ to the Conservatives pushing to promote “personal responsibility and Bodily Autonomy.”

Former Conservative Health Minister Edwina Currie rejected the question of whether protecting bodily autonomy is something the conservatives should be promoting.

On GB News last night, Calvin Robinson asked Edwina whether the Conservatives should be promoting peoples “personal responsibility and bodily autonomy “, to which Edwina return by saying ‘NO, not necessarily. That is more libertarian.”

This question was asked soon after Edwina was accused of being a pushy fanatic when it came to peoples freedoms being reduced if they didn’t take the vaccine.

Edwina was also favouring businesses to push their staff members to be vaccinated even if the consequences would mean losing their jobs if they were to refuse.

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June Sherburn

They are still trying to make it Mandatory, to make people have the Vaccines, even when Most people in the UK have already had TWO Vaccines, and on the news they were saying Boosters are on the cards for everyone, Well as far as I’m concerned they can stick the Booster where the sun can’t get, I’m Not having anymore Vaccines in my body.


Rotten eggs to her: she was wrong on that one too, causing years of bad health as a result of scaring people that eggs were full of salmonella.