“PARASITES OF THE COUNTRY” MEDIC LOSES HIS TEMPER at those who document the migrant crisis in Dover

Dover Migrant crisis

A medic from the illegal migrant facility in Dover decided to vent off at those who have been documenting the arrivals of the illegal migrants who have crossed the English Channel in small boats, entering Britain illegally.

This footage from independent public journalist Steve Laws shows the medic having a go at those who have been filming the events day in, day out to expose what’s going on?

Steven Laws wrote: “The medics at the docks giving us s**t for filming, apparently we’re the ‘parasites’ of the country.”

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So I guess Medics get “Diversity Training ” just like the police , Ask him if he is a member of Common Purpose as well.

June Sherburn

That Medic, What right has he got for berating people filming illegal immigrants coming across the Channel to our shores, it’s the immigrants that shouldn’t be here, They aren’t refugees they are Economic migrants, They have paid traffickers Thousands of pounds to get here, how do they get that amount of money to come here, This is the UK, it is our indigenous Country and we were Born and Bred here, they have no rights to be here, Our forefathers have paid taxes, and served in 2 world wars for their Children and Grandchildren US, We are Fully paid up to be here they are not FACT.

Steve Donnelly

Somebody somewhere high up is making a lot of money from these criminals! If they were not, this activity would have been stopped long ago!