MASSIVE “Dissatisfaction amongst Labour supporters.” They’re going into a by-election without a message.

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Last night on news night, Former Labour special adviser Simon Fletcher spilt the beans the day before the by-election in Batley and Spen.

The former adviser stated that Labour has a “lack of definition” and the “lack of understanding amongst the public about where the Labour party stands has started to cause us problems.”

The BBC presenter exposed the fact that Labour can’t talk about much because of the number of bridges they have burnt over Brexit, the economy, and culture. 

Emily Maitlis said: “That’s the thing, isn’t it? Because there are lots of things that Labour doesn’t feel it can talk about right now. They seem to have ruled out talking about Brexit, ruled out talking about economic problems, ruled out talking about anything that could put them in a culture or ruled out talk about, you know, EU citizens rights or residency.”

“They can’t really talk about spending because the government’s outspending them. So what’s left. I mean, what should be the pitch?”

The former adviser replied, saying, well “, you mentioned the economy, and you mentioned spending, and I think that there is the potential for us to assemble something that can start to bring people together.”

In all honesty, if Labour wanted to push new policies for the economy, I don’t think people will turn and trust Labour after what they did to the economy under Blair. 

What’re your thoughts? Would you trust Labour to take the keys of Number 10? 

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