EU legal Order challenged by Poland’s legal system. If they win, it “will destroy the union itself.”

ECJ challenges Poland

According to a top eurocrat, the EU could be destroyed from the sheer weight of legal challenges from fellow member states.

Over the last few years, the EU has tried to contest member states who have gone against EU rules.

This has worried some top eurocrats who now believe the sheer weight of legal challenges could make ECJ rulings toothless.

In the fight to see who’s legal system is supreme, EU Justice Commissioner Didier Reynders has spoken out.

Reynders said: “What is the risk if we don’t take care of this? It is that we will destroy the union itself.”

“When we have a problem in one member state, the risk is a spillover effect, that you will have in all the member states, or in some member states, a tendency to challenge the primacy of EU law and the exclusive competence of the Court of Justice.”

Currently, many member states are being challenged. The EU Justice Commissioner Didier Reynders has pleaded with Poland to drop its case challenging the supremacy of the ECJ rulings. If Poland comes out on top, this would be a “nuclear strike against the EU legal order”.

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