“Priti Patel is making promises she can’t deliver” Nigel Farage takes a swipe at Priti Patel after more than 200 migrants were taxied to Britain yesterday.

Yesterday, More than 200 illegal migrants made the trip across the English Channel, escorted by the French Navy and then taxied into Britain by the UK Border Force.


Nigel made some videos earlier in the day where he said: “Priti Patel… pretty useless”.   

In an interview with GB News, Nigel said that due to the UK remaining under the rules of the European Court of Human Rights, the UK could not send illegal migrants offshore for processing, it would not be allowed.   

Nigel then said: “Priti Patel is making promises she can’t deliver”  

When the Home office were asked to release numbers on how many illegal migrants came to Britain yesterday, the Home Office said: ‘We’re unable to issue a statement until the details of all ongoing events are confirmed and cleared. This process can take longer when there are multiple arrivals.’