New DUP leader vows to “right the wrong” of the Northern Ireland Protocol.

After the Protocols devastating effects being felt in Northern Ireland, the new DUP leader has vowed to “right the wrong” and rid of the damaging agreement with the EU. During an Interview on GB News, Mick Fealty, Editor of Slugger O’Toole, expressed the anger amongst the DUP.


Mick said: “the DUP probably put up with more abuse and criticism than any political party,” but “the one thing they’ve never had to deal with before is being the laughing stock, and that has probably been a chastening experience for most of them.”

In a unifying statement, the new DUP leader, Sir Jeffrey Donaldson said: “I believe that today’s decision is an important first step in building the unity of my party, in rebuilding the strength of my party, in providing the leadership that Northern Ireland needs at this time,” he said.”

“It’s been a difficult and a bruising period for the DUP, we all acknowledge that, and we’ve all played our part in that.”

“But this morning, we are seeing our party coming back together again.” Sir Jeffrey states he will be taking back the right to trade freely with the rest of the UK. This sentiment may be a problem for the UK Government after it emerged in a court case in Belfast that the UK Government removed article 6 of the act of union 1800 to implement the Protocol.

Sir Jefferey said: “Northern Ireland is given the right under the Act of Union to trade freely with the rest of our own country, and all that we ask is for that right to be restored, that we can trade freely with the rest of the United Kingdom and continue to trade with our neighbours,”

“And there must be a solution to that. We need to find that solution.”

Sir Jefferey sends a message to Westminster: “I am very clear that if the Government proceeds to concede to Sinn Fein demands and goes over the head of the Assembly on these issues and, at the same time, fails to address unionist concerns on the Protocol, that is not a sustainable position – to use the words of the Government – that is not a tenable position,”

“And therefore, we need to see the Government moving on the Protocol. And then we will look at the NDNA (New Decade New Approach agreement) issues at Stormont and how we take those forward.”

“I don’t want to see things imposed on the people of Northern Ireland that they can’t support. I don’t want to see Westminster acting over the heads of the people of Northern Ireland. The people here elected their representatives to do a job. They have a mandate, and they should be allowed to do that job.”