Labours tasteless divide and conquer leaflet backfires in Batley and Spen By-election.

With Labour having to do something to try and pull back the polling deficit in the Batley and Spen by-election, Labour has today distributed a very tasteless divide and conquer leaflet. 

Galloway fires back exposing the Labours hypocrisy

The Labour supported leaflet, which they will be pushed through peoples letterboxes, cites Tories Islamophobia inquiry linked with a large photo of the Indian PM with the caption “silent on human rights abuses in Kashmir”.

On the other side of the leaflet, they attack George Galloway, saying a vote for George is a vote for the Tories. With this political spat, George Galloway then released a video on Twitter exposing the hypocrisy of Starmer’s Labour Party. 

Candidates in the Batley and Spen by-election.

It looks like Jo Cox words of “we have more in common than which divides us” has been thrown out of the window in the hope of a win for Labour in Batley and Spen. 

This leaflet has caused a reaction on Twitter. Former UKIP MEP Patrick O’Flynn said: “Bloody hell, Lab trying to whip up anti-India, anti-Hindu sentiment to win votes in Batley. Desperate or what?”