Dan Wootton labels Matt Hancock a “FAKE”- “Hancock thought there was one rule for him and his mates and another for us mugs.”

Dan Wootton set the record straight in a blistering takedown of the former Health Secretary Matt Hancocks actions.


Dan Wootton said: “Hancock’s shame is nothing to do with his behaviour although naturally my heart goes out to his loyal wife who he has brutally dumped.”

“The biggest disgrace of this whole tawdry affair is what it really exposes about the government’s so-called rules.”

“They are prepared to put through their citizens through sacrifices they would never think to make themselves.”

“That was all down to Matt Hancock. He was puritanical in his ambition to control the public’s behaviour, with enforcement by law if we slipped up.”

Dan then hit out, calling Hancock a hypocritical Fake. Wootton said: “No excuse was good enough for him. There was no consideration of personal responsibility. Matt Hancock inserted himself into every aspect of our private lives. He was metaphorically in our living rooms, in our gardens and, yes, even in our bedrooms.”

“But Matt Hancock was just like virtually every other politician – a hypocritical fake. While he was going out in public for over 15 months to insist that even the slightest blip in our behaviour could – and I’ll never forget this – “kill your granny”, his behaviour apparently didn’t count.”

Dan Wootton finishes: “Hancock thought he was superior. Hancock thought there was one rule for him and his mates and another for us mugs. He has seriously damaged the public trust in any future coronavirus regulations the government tries to enforce. Good riddance to him.”