Last chance saloon for Keir Starmer as dier polling results show a big loss for the Labour leader in this weeks Batley and Spen by-election.

Keir Starmer Batley and Spen by-election

 Polling professional Sir John Curtice levels a damming report on the feeling on the ground on who’s going to win this weeks by-election in Batley and Spen. The polling put out has Keir Starmer massively lagging behind Boris.

A poll put out by Survation, which testing the opinion of 323 constituent (with the removal of undecided and refused removed), has the Tories at 47 percent, up 11 percent from its general election vote share. Labour is lagging at 41 percent. 

On the question of who the trust, 510 constituents responded by saying 17 percent favour Starmer with Boris on 55 percent. If Labour loses the seat of the majority leave constituency of Batley and Spen, many in Labour would be calling for the end of the leadership of Keir Starmer. 

Sir John Curtice told the express: “What has been clear is saying nothing about Brexit, which Labour has been doing, doesn’t help to reconnect with Leave voters.”

“Judging from the recent Hartlepool by-election, is Labour has not had much success in reconnecting with Leave voters.”

“It is still very reliant on Remain voters, the Brexit divide is still there, and Labour has not had much success winning lack voters, and the minority in Batley-and-Spen would underline that.”

“Labour is hoping politics goes back to an argument of Left vs Right and then they can attack the Government on that, but the problem is Brexit continues to shape the way the public is voting.”

“Labour’s silence on Brexit has not reaped the dividend the party was hoping for.”

“If Labour loses the Batley and Spen by-election, the question marks around Keir Starmer’s leadership are not going to be reduced.”

“The question people are beginning to ask is does Sir Keir have a vision that he is able to communicate?

The political expert concluded: “If Labour loses this by-election, Starmer will not get challenged in the short term but clearly the pressure on him between now and the end of the year to come up with a challenge to the Government that will attract the attention of the voters.”

“The public knows the party isn’t led by Jeremy Corbyn anymore, but they still have no idea what it stands for.”

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