Nigel Farage clashes with a sarcastic Irish Radio presenter regarding Northern Ireland Protocol.

Dublin based radio station, News Talk, tried to tackle Nigel Farage on how the EU is run and what’s been happening in Northern Ireland regarding the Northern Ireland Protocol.

Nigel was asked about the state of the United Kingdom due to Brexit.

Nigel responded, saying: “There were aspects of the deal, and I suppose to be fair to Boris Johnson [former British Prime Minister Theresa] May left him with a very bad hand of cards.

“But we should never, ever have agreed to the Protocol.

“And we’ve seen already with the awful Ursula von der Leyen: she was prepared to put a hard border back on the island of Ireland just to cover up for the mess they made on the vaccines.

“I’m not happy with what’s happening in Northern Ireland at all… it wasn’t necessary, was it?

“The truth of it is had there been a tariff imposed between goods going from the Republic to the UK, and the other way, there would have needed to be some means of checking what goods went back and forth.

“But even with tariffs, all over the world, you have things called trusted trader schemes.

“We import vast amounts from China, we don’t check every container – I mean, that would be ludicrous.

“We don’t have a tariff regime between the Republic and the UK, and the excuse that is being used for all these difficulties is they now have to check British products.

“As if somehow we’re going to sell inferior goods into Ireland, which we’re just not going to do”.

When the UK voted to leave the EU, the EU’s aim was always to punish the UK and shine a doom and gloom narrative around Brexit to prevent other nation from leaving the Bloc.

This deliberate problematic stance by the EU is clear in their current stance when implementing the Northern Ireland Protocol. It just doesn’t work, and it’s only a matter of time till the Protocol is removed.

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June Sherburn

Nigel is 100% right, The EU are too far up their own bums to think about any of their member Nations, They don’t care about anyone except themselves all the EU want is other Countries Money, And the sooner the Protocol is taken away the better Northern Ireland will be, Boris get it done FFS.