Labour’s Baroness Hayter: “I want Mr Johnson to respect his signature” and “heed to Barnier’s advice” regarding the withdrawal agreement.

Barnes's Hayter Lord David Frost

Labours Baroness Hayter urged the former Brexit Negotiator Lord Frost to respect the withdrawal agreement and “heed Mr Barnier’s advice”.

During a Questions and Answers session with Lord Frost in the House of Lords regarding relations between the EU and the UK, Baroness Hayter called for the government to implement the whole withdrawal agreement fully.

Hayter said: “Perhaps the minister could explain to the House how the deal that he negotiated and advised the Prime Minister to sign has led to quite such a ‘bumpy ride’? “And, whether he can persuade the Prime Minister to heed Mr Barnier’s advice to respect his signature on the withdrawal agreement?”

This demand from Hayter was after Michel Barnier held an interview with French radio where he said: “The United Kingdom needs to pay attention to its reputation.”

“I want Mr Johnson to respect his signature.”

The Brexit Minister, Lord Frost responded to Labours Baroness Hayter, saying: “The difficult is, we did something pretty exceptional as a country in the withdrawal agreement as a country, which was to agree that goods could be controlled in a particular way as they moved within our own country.”

“Self evidently that is something that can only happen if it is applied with a degree of delicacy and pragmatism and proportionality which unfortunately we’re not seeing today.”

“That is the core of the difficulty, and if we can re-establish the balance that’s there, we should be able to find a satisfactory way forward.”

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