Remainer Tory shuts down DUP Brexiteer MP Sammy Wilson after saying the NI Protocol doesn’t work.

In a clash on News Night, Tory remainer, Simon Hoare, who chairs the Northern Ireland Affairs Committee, said to DUP MP Sammy Wilson that if those in North Dorset could be in the Single Market of the EU and the UK, his farmers in his constituency would bite his handoff.


Sammy Wilson provoked this response from the Tory MP after saying how would he like it if his constituents were run from Brussels and not by those in London whilst being told they are still an integral part of the United Kingdom.

Sammy said: “I doubt very much. If people in North Dorset would accept that they were equally part of the United Kingdom as others, if a new different set of laws apply to north Dorset, then applied to other parts of the United Kingdom. If new laws made for North Dorset weren’t made by politicians in North Dorset, they were made by politicians in Brussels.”

After shutting down the DUP MP, Simon Hoare spoke down to Sammy said: “Sammy, all I would say to that is that if the businesses and farmers of my constituency, which many of them wanted, were given the opportunity to have access to the internal market of the United Kingdom and the single market of the European Union, they would bite your hand off, they would bite my hand off, they would bite the hand of anybody who was offering it.”

Simon Hoare then tells Sammy to pipe down and stop making a mountain out of a molehill regarding the Northern Ireland Protocol: “It’s now time, I think to focus on the positives, iron the problems, focus on rebuilding the economy and let’s get all of us working together. The prosperity agenda as envisaged in the Good Friday agreement felt, by all sections of the Northern Ireland community.”