PETTY POLITICS – Guy Verhofstadt loses it after he wasn’t able to rub the Pride Flag in Viktor Orban face.

A decision by UEFA has cause Eurocrat Guy Verhofstadt to lose it after the Munich Mayors request to light the Munich stadium in Pride Colours was denied by the footballing body. 


The German mayor’s request was a political move in protest to laws passed by the Hungarian parliament that are said to Anti-LGBTQ.

Verhofstadt’s tweet made it clear the MEP wanted to use the Pride Flag to politically beat the Hungarian PM Viktor Orban before the Germans took on Hungary in the Euro’s. 

UEFA saw this as a political move saying the footballing body is politically neutral. This request by the Munich Mayor was political and would be denied. 

UEFA said: “UEFA, through its statutes, is a politically and religiously neutral organisation.”

“Given the political context of this specific request, a message aiming at a decision taken by the Hungarian national parliament, UEFA must decline this request.”

Guy lost it and lashed out, saying: “Viktor Orbán decides what colours light up Munich football stadium now, UEFA?

“Time to practice the values you preach! #LightUpMunich”