USELESS STARMER – “The leader of the opposition just lets the government get away with absolutely everything.”

Own Jones slams Keir Starmer

With Starmer being completely nonexistent as opposition leader over the pandemic, lefty Labour supporter Owen Jones is now calling out the opposition leader. Owen said, “The leader of the opposition just lets the government get away with absolutely everything”.


On LBC, Owen Jones was asked why the opposition leader didn’t use the released details by Cummings to go after Matt Hancock during last weeks PMQs?

Owen Said: “Well, he’s so forensic, isn’t he?”

“That’s what we were told.”

“Look, I’m frustrated. I know a lot of people go, oh, come on Owen, he’s the leader of the opposition. Come on, we’ve got a United against the Tories. I agree with that.”

“But what are you supposed to do when the leader of the opposition just lets the government get away with absolutely everything, including being handed a massive open goal which he could have kicked.”

“Yeah, sure. He only had a half an hour, but anyone who’s able to think on his feet, which you’d expect the former crown prosecution service head to be able to do in those circumstances should have done that.”

“And the reason I’m angry and frustrated is so many people, across this country, have lost relatives, before their time, myself included, it was always going to be bad, but if we didn’t need to have one of the worst death tolls on earth, and I think the opposition should have done infinitely more to hold the government to account, they didn’t, they let the government get away with it and look at the terrible consequences.”

“It’s depressing, it’s bleak.”

Though I don’t share Owen Jones’s politics, on this, Owen Jones is right. The Labour leader has been useless at being a robust, constructive opposition. Starmer has used hindsight as a weapon of attack without shaping or constructively contributing to the course of the pandemic.

Instead, Starmer has continuously attacked Boris with cheap comments, sitting back and letting Boris and his government have their way. Boris must be laughing after being given a clean run to do what he wants, as he knows there is no credible opposition. No wonder Labour is dying as a political party.

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