People aren’t falling for it: The EU holds “Conference of the Future of Europe” to win people over to push ahead for an ever closer union. 

On Saturday, the EU is holding a “Conference of the Future of Europe” event in Strasbourg, aiming to get people’s opinions to make those in the EU feel more involved in the push for ever closer union. This is being pushed as an inclusive exercise. Some feel the move for an ever closer union is already a done deal. This is clearly a plot to say we consulted the public before pushing ahead. 


A former senior adviser to the European Parliament, Sébastien Cochard, said:

“The conference on the future of Europe is an idle institutional propaganda exercise, typical of a dying regime.”

“The ‘governance’ of the exercise inevitably brings to mind the period of ossification before the death of the Soviet Union.”

“The Conference is thus endowed with an executive council under an egalitarian three-headed presidency ensured by the Council, the Commission and the Parliament.”

“This is a secretariat which also ensures parity between the three institutions, a plenary assembly which ‘will make it possible to ensure that the recommendations formulated by the panels of national and European citizens are the subject of a debate, the outcome of which is not determined in advance and of which the scope is not limited to predefined fields of action.'”

Speaking to Atlantico, director of European Movement France, Jérôme Quéré stated there was a problem with the methods employed by the conference.

He said: 

“It is important to consult citizens rather than thinking for them.”

“We know that European citizens have already opposed certain reforms, especially in 2005.”

“We must therefore be able to build the project with Europeans to be sure of reflecting their expectations.”

“All the more so with the recent crises, there is much more expectation towards the European Union than before.”