Sturgeon accuses Boris of rigging the rule before a second independence vote is given the green light.

Nicola Sturgeon Boris Johnson second referendum

With Nicola Sturgeon pushing for a second referendum, No10 has been accused of rigging rules on who can participate in the independence vote.

Sturgeon wrote on Twitter:

“I see the anti-independence campaign is trying to rig the rules of IndyRef2 again (tho in doing so, they also concede that it’s going to happen). “

“Maybe they should just argue their case on its merits and allow everyone who lives in Scotland to decide.”

Prime minister Johnson is being urged by some in the Conservative Party to play Sturgeon at her own game by offering all Scots in the UK a vote, not just those currently in Scotland.

One Conservative cabinet minister said:

“We know Sturgeon will start trying to force another referendum as soon as she thinks it is politically tenable again,”.

“One thing is to open up eligibility of the vote to all Scots in the UK, not just those living in Scotland.”

Another senior Conservative said:

“Independence is behind in the polls now, and Sturgeon is getting flak from her own side for not talking about it since the election.”

“We need to get out there on the front foot and start acting like we’re ahead and not just wait for her to catch up again, which was the catastrophic mistake we made after the 2014 referendum.”

Boris is adamant that a second independence vote will not be given the green light though this is being spoken about.

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Give the English a vote on Scotland independence and we the English will make sure they are out of our pockets immediately. But it can’t be a slow withdrawal from the rest of the UK it would be immediately.