PROTEST – Irish fishermen are fuming after being sold out by their cowering politicians.

IRISH fishermen are to stage an angry protest in Dublin over claims the Dublin Government “sold out trawlermen to the EU”. The Irish fishers are not happy with the quota given and the over crowding of fellow EU boats in their waters.


Its said a flotilla of vessels from across the country, including from Dublin, Louth, Donegal, Wexford, Waterford, Kerry and Cork, will sail down the River Liffey in the capital to make their voices heard. 

Fisherman Adrian McClenaghan, from Donegal has said:

“Fishing in Ireland was sold out during the Brexit talks.”

“If this continues without the Government taking firm action to save our industry, there won’t be a future in the sector for the next generation of young fishermen.”

“I think the only way to describe it is as a sell-out – a sell-out of an entire industry. Just to get a Brexit deal done.”

Will the Irish politicians have the backbone to stand up for Ireland or continue to roll over and accept their orders from Brussels, sidestepping the people and industries in Ireland?

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boris johnson sold out our fish we no longer want him we hoped he would take care of this country and also he has made everyone sell thier properties for that dangerous hs2 boys and there toys