HOW EMBARRASSING – EU bosses lose AstraZeneca Court battle after judge destroys their case to sue for hundreds of millions of Euros if their demands weren’t met.

EU lose court case with AstraZeneca

The EU commission was sent packing after a top judge destroyed their lawsuit. The EU wanted AstraZeneca to ship 120 million vaccine doses by the end of this month, or they would fine the drug maker hundreds of millions of pounds.

The judge decided to destroy the EU’s claim instead, saying the EU would be given 80 million doses by September 27th. The judge also never gave a deadline date for when the remaining 220 million doses would be handed over.

A spokesperson said:

“The European Commission had requested 120m vaccine doses cumulatively by the end of June 2021, and a total of 300m doses by the end of September 2021.”

“The judge ordered delivery of 80m doses by September 27th 2021. To date, the company has supplied more than 70m doses to the EU and will substantially exceed 80m doses by the end of June 2021.”

“The court found that the European Commission has no exclusivity or right of priority over all other contracting parties.”

This shows that the EU was to blame after sending their order too late compared to other countries. While other countries were sending in their demands, the EU was still haggling with the price. Soon after, the EU decided to act like a child by stamping their feet and demanding their orders first.

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Stephen Davenport

And just who the fkuc is Aggie McKenzie and who gives a toss what she says or thinks. Further, if she wants to look at narrow minded, flag flying, whingeing little patriots, she should look at her own Country.