New GM Police Chief Constable: People are fed up with seeing “woke” policing – I “absolutely would not” take the knee.

After the previous Police Chief let down GM police, a new no-nonsense Police Chief constable, Stephen Watson, has taken the reigns, saying he’s sick of “woke” policing and certainly “would not” be virtue signalling by taking the knee.

New GMP Chief Constable said he would certainly “would not” be virtue signalling by taking the knee.

In an interview with the Daily Telegraph, Mr Watson was asked if he would take the knee in uniform?

Watson replied, saying:

“No, I absolutely would not.”

“I would probably kneel before the Queen, God, and Mrs Watson, that’s it.”

Mr Watson expressed his thoughts on impartiality.

The new GMP Chief countable said:

“Impartiality is in danger of being upset in our urge and desire to demonstrate that we would like to make common cause from time to time with people whose agenda is very difficult to disagree with.”

“I do not think that things like taking the knee, demonstrating that you have a commonality of view with the protesters that you’re policing is compatible with the standards of service that people require of their police.”

“Officers could put themselves in a difficult place because if you demonstrate you’re not impartial, and you then have to make an arrest, how on earth do you assist the courts to come to just judgement as to you having executed your powers of arrest in an appropriately impartial professional manner?”

This is the sort of policing we need in the capital to tackle those who want to take down statues and destroy the woke grip on impartiality.