Laurence Fox recounts the moment his child was in floods of tears due to anxiety being placed on him to lockdown fear. “This is child abuse guys.”

While being interviewed on GB News, the Actor, now political leader of Laurence Fox, recounts the moment his child was in floods of tears after heightened anxiety levels kicked in after being sent home from school for another ten days.


Mr Fox said:

“I’ve seen the anxiety in my own kids. One of whom has been sent home again for ten days.”

“I’m sat in front of a computer with them in floods of tears, and he’s going on. I thought this was finished. You said this was finished, dad.”

Laurence said what’s happening is “child abuse”.

Laurence said:

“This is child abuse guys. It’s a hundred percent what’s being done by the government is child abuse.”

The GB News presenter said being sent home is an education policy, not health policy.

Laurence Fox fired back, saying:

“Matt Hancock is responsible for the health brief. And the health brief feeds down into the education brief. Doesn’t it? The kids aren’t being sent home because of education policy. They’re being sent home because of health policy.”