WOKE MELTDOWN BACKFIRED – Grovelling statement from IKEA after they suspended their advertising on GB News.


On Tuesday, IKEA decided to remove their advertising on GB News. IKEA said their reaction to pull their advertising was taken at “great speed” after the WOKE mob chose to go after advertisers on GB News.

Today there has been a follow-up statement as it looks like people have decided to boycott the brand.

IKEA said they didn’t mean to “polarise” their customers by removing adverts from GB News. As the saying goes, ‘If you go woke, you go broke.’

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Andrew Cattell

Like all the others, you pulled out because of Marxist pressure, I’m sure IKEA isn’t run by a failed Russian politic system like marxism. However, because you have stood on the side of marxism, I and a lot of others will not bother buying from you until you get your priorities right.