EU Commissioner states they will “react firmly” if the UK doesn’t adhere to the Nothern Ireland Protocol.

With the EU becoming more desperate to reattach the UK to the EU, the EU financial services commissioner, Mairead McGuinness, has warned the Prime Minister, the EU would “react firmly” if the UK moves further away from the Northern Ireland Protocol agreement.


This statement from the Commissioner  shows that due to the UK pushing ahead with the Australian deal the EU know the UK is drifting away on a different course and the EU have to react to try and stop it. 

Ms McGuinness said:

“There must be a joint endeavour between both sides, but unfortunately from our side, there are fundamentally gaps in the UK implementation of the agreement.”

“The European Union has the tools to deal with these challenges, like the infringement procedure launched in March, due to the UK breaching its obligations under the protocol.”

“And if the UK were to take further unilateral action over the coming weeks, the EU would react firmly to ensure that the UK abides by its obligations under international law.”

“There comes a point in a relationship if you’re not being fairly treated or treated with respect, there is a need to respond.”

The EU state they want respect from the EU yet France over the weekend stated that Northern Ireland isnt part of the UK. Respect works both ways and so far the EU are continuing down the path of trying to undermind Britain anyway possible.