END OF ‘REAL’ FREEDOM OF MOVEMENT? EU issues covid certificates to cross borders.

Countries in the EU are now implementing covid certificates to cross between nations. This move by the EU calls into question what has happened to the free movement of people between countries?


This move by the EU will see those who have had the covid vaccine or who have had covid given privileges over those who have chosen to not take the vaccine.

The privileges to those who have had it are the continuation of free movement across the borders without testing or quarantine on return.

Those who haven’t had the vaccine will have to take a test before crossing borders then be hit with a quarantine period of 14 days.

The EU claim that the covid certificate is liberating and a show of strength of their Union. In reality, it’s an ID card to keep track of your movements and control your privileges for being cooperative with the needs of the state.

The EU Press statement read:

“The EU Digital COVID Certificate is a symbol of what Europe stands for. Of a Europe that does not falter when put to the test. A Europe that unites and grows when faced with challenges. Our Union showed again that we work best when we work together. The EU Digital COVID Certificate Regulation was agreed between our institutions in the record time of 62 days. While we worked through the legislative process, we also built the technical backbone of the system, the EU gateway, which is live since 1 June.”

“We can be proud of this great achievement. The Europe that we all know and that we all want back is a Europe without barriers. The EU Certificate will again enable citizens to enjoy this most tangible and cherished of EU rights – the right to free movement. Signed into law today, it will enable us to travel more safely this summer. Today we reaffirm together that an open Europe prevails.”