Andrew Neil – “President Macron is in no mood to do any favours for the Brits.” When it comes to illegal migrants crossing the Channel into Britain

Andrew Neil Slams Macron

With a Presidential election coming, President Marcon is reluctant to accept any migrants leaving France who enter British waters illegally.

Andrew said:

“The British government generously gave the French government £28 million of our money last November to help pay for the cost of deterring channel boat people. And yesterday, the French did stop 108 to before they could leave French jurisdiction, but overall, the money has made little difference as more and more migrants are prepared to take the risk.”

“The British want France to take back any migrants who make it to our shores. The French won’t even talk about that.”

“The more they make it to here, the less it’s a problem for them. And we know President Macron is in no mood to do any favours for the Brits.”

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Geoff Cooper

Metropolitan Police ‘institutional corruption’ not worth reporting ?


andrew niel is right to slam pati patel she is totally usless the stupid bitch

Andrew Bainbridge

It comes with great relief that vaccines have been developed to effectively combat covid 19. However as long ago as April 2020 it became apparent to me that countries that had in the past used manditory vaccine for TB were experiencing a much lower death rate! Sometimes this seemed to be contradicted, until you combined historical facts with programs. In Britain one of the first issues were
higher death rates among colored people with several unsubstantiated theorys regarding pigmentation or poverty? The simple fact that migrants in general are of a working age is without a doubt the main cause! Vaccine for TB in Britain was in school and in many colonies had barely begun,therefore the unfortunately missed this protection that reduced the death rate to what would have been a sixth of what might have been! This also applies to many in their eighties plus who were working before immunization became mandatory. My recollections of Europe of sixty years ago Spain and Italy were extremely poor counties incapable of vaccine programmes! Germany had two differing results to the first onslaught of covid 19 most fatalities were in the west. East Germany prior to unification had used mandatory TB vaccine and had fewer deaths with the exception of Berlin, no coincidence there! VIETNAM currently fighting a TB epidemic with the BCG vaccine with a population of over 90 million therefore with manditory TB vaccine has despite having an open border with China to date only 61 DEATHS! All this and more are there for public scrutiny when combined with historical facts it is infallible! A final point America the most advanced country in the world has NEVER had a TB vaccine programme Yet India where 99% are vaccinated with little other medical resources for a population of 1.3 BILLION have 375000 deaths compared with Americas 328 million and 600000 deaths