“You’re on the same side as racists” if you boo the England Players for taking the knee, according to Angela Rayner.

With the first England match underway yesterday, the crowd started to boo the England players after they took the knee for the Marxist organisation BLM. 

Some who were there said that claps were being played over the speakers to try and drown out the boos. After the fans showing no respecting the submissive symbol of taking the knee, the fans got behind the England team, who won 1 -0. 

A couple of days ago, Labour MP Angela Rayner wrote on Twitter that if you boo the England players for taking the knee, you were “on the same side as racists.”

The comment on Twitter went down like a lead weight with one brexiteers, Martin Daubney saying:” Yes, keep calling everyone who disagrees with you “racist,” Labour. I mean, it’s worked so well for you so far, hasn’t it?

This does show that Labours agenda is more about identity politics and labelling everyone racist who disagrees with them. No wonder Labour’s popularity is drop-in like a stone. 

Before yesterday’s match, In the Guardian, Labour Leader Keir Starmer tried to go after Boris for not supporting the knee. Starmer wrote: 

“The idea you boo the team is completely wrong,” Starmer said. “This is a response to what is an important collective decision by the team about their expression of their opposition to discrimination and racism. That’s the decision they’ve taken, and I think they’re right.”

“All of us should support them, and all of us in a position to do so should show leadership, as Gareth Southgate has done, and dare to call it out and say it’s the wrong thing to do. The prime minister was wrong when he refused to call it out. He didn’t have the guts to call it out, he hedged his bets, and in doing so, he undermined the team on the verge of this competition.”

“He didn’t have the courage to side with the players. That is leadership. Compare and contrast him and Gareth Southgate on this. He didn’t have the courage to stand by the England team on the verge of this competition, and he’s wrong about that, and that’s a failure of leadership.”