Vice-Chair of the 1922 committee predicts freedom day will be pushed back beyond July.

With Boris Johnson predicted to pushing back the date to when Britain removes restrictions from June 21st to July 19th, vice-chairman of the 1922 committee has said “existing isn’t living” as Tory MPs vent their anger along with business owners.

Sir Charles Walker told BBC Radio 4’s World At One Programme:

‘Eventually, if you say you are going to live with Covid-19, ultimately, at times, you are going to have to tough it out. Existing isn’t living,’ 

‘So I just have an overwhelming sense of pessimism now. If you can’t lift restrictions at the height of summer, and we are in the height of summer, then you almost certainly are looking at these restrictions persisting and tightening into the autumn and winter.

‘I don’t think the July 19 date will be met. If it is, it will be met for weeks before we enter further lockdowns.’

Some Tory MPs now openly predict this will not finish in July and will be pushed further as we go into the autumn-winter.

Boris is said to be giving an olive branch to the worst-hit industries like wedding organisers and sporting event where an increase in seating and guests may be allowed.

A new report has revealed nearly a third of the 42 Britons who have so far died from the Indian (Delta) variant had been double jabbed