EMBARRASSING – Marr had to explain to Labours Shadow International Trade Secretary Emily Thornberry about EU alignment. She hasn’t a clue.

Labours International Trade Secretary really hasnt a clue about trade and the consequences of aligning with the EU on Food and Agriculture.

Emily Thornberry was asked should the UK accept a Swiss-style arrangement with the EU to resolve the current problems in Northern Ireland?

Emily responded by saying: “you know, the government minister say that we are going to keep to food standards, food, and farm standards from the European Union. In fact, we’re going to make them better. Now, if that’s right, what is the problem?

Andrew Marr then explained to Emily why the UK couldn’t trade with the World and align with the EU rules.

Marr said: “Heres the problem, doing this Swiss-style deal means that we have to dynamically align and continue to align with EU standards. Now, if we’re aligning with EU standards, we can’t do the trade deals with Australia or the United States that they’re trying to do.”

Even after Andrew Marr’s explanation on the consequences regarding alignment with the EU, Emily continued to say she wanted to align with the EU on food and agriculture and trade with the World.

Andrew Marr fired back: “If we’re dynamically aligned with the EU, we can’t do those trade deals with Australia and the United States. We just can’t.”