IREXIT POSSIBLE? – The attempt to impose article 16 with out consent from Ireland was like a “cold bath to the Irish”.

Former Irish Diplomat, Ray Bassett said the way the EU tried to impose article 16 of the Northern Ireland Protocol was like a “cold bath to the Irish”. 

Mr Bassett said: 

“I think, I think in retrospect it was like a cold bath to the Irish”

“Ireland had been used during a phase of the Brexit negotiations, but then once our usefulness ceased, then there was very little interest in Ireland.”

“And as I say, there’s been a whole series of decisions by Brussels since, which shows that we are very, very peripheral to their interests. Having originally, as I said been very, very useful to put the UK under pressure, to get a decent financial settlement out of the UK and to essentially curtail the UK his ability to follow an independent trade policy.”

Mr Bassett then went after the EU and the Irish Politicians saying: 

The EU “never even thought twice about erecting a hard border on the island of Ireland”

“And I think Ireland should have taken that lesson much more seriously than it did, As most of our politicians spent their time excusing the European union for that outrageous piece of chicanery.”