Diane Abbott protesting with BLM activists to topple another historical statue of Sir Robert Geffrye in London.

Diane Abbott outside the ‘Museum of the Home’ London

With Labour continuing their push to topple historical statues in London, Labour Socialist Diane Abbott is today outside the ‘museum of the home’ in London with BLM activists to try and apply pressure on the museum to topple a statue of English Merchant and Lord Mayor of London Sir Robert Geffrye.

Diane Abbott wrote on Twitter while holding a Stand up to racism BLM sign: 

“Picketing the Museum of the Home protesting the management refusing to take down the statue of slave trader Sir Robert Geffrye. Despite the wishes of the local community who want it removed.”

This push is right out of the Marxist agenda. Current London Mayor Sadiq Khan has set up a committee to assess street signs, monuments and statues in London so they can start removing and toppling the history of Britain and the capital. 

It was only a couple of days ago the students at Oxford College removed a picture of Queen Elizebeth, saying it resembles colonialism. When will the conservatives step in as this attempted toppling of Britains history is happening under their watch. 

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diane abbot a black labour idiot just like the rest of labour black lovers what ever happend to the real labour who stook up for the workers and our peoples rights

Steve Donnelly

Who in their right mind keeps voting this stupid cow into Parliament?