Lisa Nandy Instructs Boris to not mess up his meeting with Joe Biden as G7 Kicks off.

Lisa Nandy, Labour’s Shadow Foreign Secretary, made a statement to Boris Johnson prior to today’s G7 meeting. 

Lisa decided to instruct Boris to “not squander this opportunity to reset the relationship with (Joe Biden) one of our most important international partners.”

Lisa continued saying: “This is the Prime Minister’s chance to get back on the front foot and rebuild the UK’s relationship with the United States. After the disaster of the Trump years which produced nothing of value to the UK while costing Ministers global support and reputation”

Lisa is also encouraging Boris Johnson to accept the 21% global minimum corporation tax rate which was set out by Biden. 

Lisa said: “Boris Johnson must end the UK’s attempts to water down global tax reform and instead match the ambition of President Biden and other G7 leaders to create a fairer global tax system where big business pays its fair share. The failure to agree a proposed 21% global minimum corporation tax will cost the UK economy billions of pounds.”

I’m unsure if Lisa know’s but those in the EU like Ireland have already shot down the push for the global flat tax rate, as it would cost Irelands economy billions of Euro’s.