Have the far left taken over college student bodies? After students from Oxford College voted to remove a portrait of Queen Elizabeth.

Yesterday, Students voted to remove a portrait of Queen Elizabeth from Oxford College, citing it resembles colonialism. 

Yesterday, the BBC attempted to play down the significance of the removal of a portrait of Queen Elizabeth from Oxford College. 

This attempt by the BBC was short-lived after Andrea Leadsom blasted the students, calling them “utterly pathetic.”

Out of all the broadcasters in the UK, you would have thought the BBC would have been defending the Queen. 

Instead, they tried to play down what happened as a minuscule item to report on. 

This shows the far left have taken over Student bodies in our colleges in an effort to convert others. It’s clear these leftists are living in the past, threatening to destroy national identity, and Remove historical artefacts. 

These student bodies do not like Britain, nor do they promote the fact that Britain has been one of the most generous countries when it comes to supporting others. 

Instead, these student bodies promote division, hatred and victimhood. 

What’re your thoughts on this?. 


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no dont take our queen down this is our school and it doesnt belong to trouble making bratts


They may be students.. but they know nothing ..and have a LOT to learn


Andrea has it right. These pathetic leftist loony students are the ones should be taken down, not a portrait of HM the Queen

June Sherburn

Taking our Queens portrait down because an American teenager decided to complain that she is a sign of our imperial history, that was Victoria and earlier, This spoilt and Woke American kid can push off back home to one of their own Universities, Put our Queen back on the wall where she belongs because we Love her and this is OUR COUNTRY, GOT IT.


the imature stupid pathetic students leave our queen alone