LATEST – “We’re at a cross roads with our relationship with the UK, our patience is wearing thin.” EU Commission Vice President threatens UK.

EU Commission Vice President

TODAY, the EU states that their trusting Boris Johnsons Government is at an all-time low due to Britain refusing to fully implement the Northern Ireland Protocol.

The EU Commission Vice President said: “We’re at a crossroads with our relationship with the UK”

“our patience is wearing thin.”

The UK Government responded by saying the EU wants the UK to implement the protocol in a purist way which would cause massive problems in Northern Ireland.

David Frost, the UK’s EU relations minister, said the only way forward is to seek pragmatic solutions to the current problems. Though no progress come came from today’s talks, David said they didn’t break down either.

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maybe if you stayed out of our waters and stopped the imigrants things may be differant instead of making a joke out of us

June Sherburn

Oh the trouble with EU you want your own way, and you are Not a reasonable organisation, We are certainly losing our patience very quickly, if I was the Prime Minister I would have torn up the Agreement months ago because you EU, unelected people are not worth it.

June Sherburn

Oh and Our Waters belong to the UK, Our Fishing industry is Ours, You should stay out of our waters and take your giant Trawlers with you.