ANDREA LEADSOM BLASTS STUDENTS AS “UTTERLY PATHETIC” – BBC presenter makes out the removal of the Queen’s portrait at Oxford college is insignificant.

Andrea Leadsom Oxford College

Earlier today, it was reported that students from Oxford college voted to remove a picture of the Queen after they said it resembled colonialism and should be removed.

During a debate on Politics Live, they spoke about this story. The BBC presenter tried to make out that the story was insignificant, and the education Secretary Gavin Williamson should’ve ignored it and shouldn’t have called out the students on Twitter.

Andrea Leadsom retaliated and called out the students.
Andrea said: “I think those students are utterly pathetic.”

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things were ok until theses scum racists tried taking over our country boris johnson is verry nieve if he hasnt realized our country is going


Again the bbc show their support for the Left of politics, through the totally unacceptable actions of the presenter Joe Coburn cutting off Andrea Leadsom mind sentence.
What an appalling situation it is When it has become necessary to say at the start of a conversation “ to exercise my right to freedom of speech “ before answering a leading question by the bbc.