Political Editor Harry Cole SLAMS Labour lefties over anti-semitic tweets while calling for Ollie Robinson to be cancelled and his career destroyed.

ollie Robinson Harry Cole Sky news

In last night’s press preview on Sky News, Harry Cole, the chief political editor at the Sun, defended the English Cricketer Ollie Robinson while slamming the Labour left who had previously written disgusting anti-semitic tweets yet continued to be a high paid politician.

Harry made the point that “It tends to be, if you are a white young male, you tend to get treated at a much harsher level than perhaps if you were a young female.”

Harry then uses Labour MP Zarah Sultana as an example as someone who has written vile tweets on social media and got away with it because she’s on the left.

Harry said: “Labour MP, Zarah Sultana, who wrote some filthy, vile, rants against Jews, on her social media. And what did the left do? Did they cancel her?”

“No, they made her labour MP.”

Yet again Harry Cole exposes the complete unlevel playing field when it comes to who can get away with saying what.


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gone to bloody far all this racism crap its our country whites not dirty black troublemakers