VIDEO – MP asks Priti Patel when will action be taken to protect our southern border from Migrants entering Britain illegally.

With people getting fed up with the migrant crisis that is hitting our southern shores along the kent coast, Philip Davies Tory MP made a point of asking Home Secretary Priti Patel when will we see action on the migrants coming into Britain. 

Mr Davies asked: “I’m sure the home secretary must share my frustration or those of my constituents about the volume of migrants coming across the channel by dinghy, often being escorted here in the process. When can she assure my constituents that real action will be taken to stop this flow?”

“And will she introduce a regime whereby people who try and claim asylum who come here from an already safe country, like France, will be automatically deported and sent back there because that will make a big difference in stopping them from coming in the first place?”

Priti Patel responded by agreeing with the fellow MP, saying: “Well, I thank my honourable friend, Mr Speaker, my friend is already making the case for a bill that has yet to be introduced into parliament, which is the new plan, about immigration and that data’s coming for introduction and second reading.”

“But he’s absolutely right. I mean, the British public are fed up, absolutely fed up and demoralized with what we have been seeing.”

“And of course, I’d be very clear to my department, as I have been over the last 12 months about operational activity from border force, I’ve actually asked the department now to urgently investigate the circumstances behind the very incidents of the weekend that had been reported.”

“But fundamentally, my right honourable friend makes an important point, which is people that are seeking to claim asylum should be claiming asylum in the first safe country.”

“They should not be participating, and making these dangerous crossings, which is we have already heard today has led to the catastrophic and the devastating loss of life too many times.”