UK Government defends Ollie Robinson, writing to the ECB saying they’ve gone “over the top” and “they should think again”.

Ollie Robinson

After the England Cricket Board decided to throw England Cricketer Ollie Robinson under the woke brigade bus over tweets he made nearly a decade ago, politicians have today come out slamming the ECB, saying their reaction was “over the top.”

Culture Secretary Oliver Dowden hit out, saying: “Ollie Robinson’s tweets were offensive and wrong. They are also a decade old and written by a teenager.”

“The teenager is now a man and has rightly apologised. The ECB has gone over the top by suspending him and should think again.”

Tory MP Steve Double agreed with Mr Dowden, adding: “We really do have to get back a sense of perspective.”

Royston Smith MP said: “Those that have suspended Ollie Robinson should take a long hard look at themselves. This constant virtue signalling is exhausting”.

There are no perfect people out there, and we have all made mistakes. The ECB has chosen the side of perfection, which is an impossible bar for anyone to reach, including those who have made this woke career-destroying decision.

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it was many years ago when he was a teen we have all done bad things when we were young