EU accuse UK of “playing politics”with the Northern Ireland Protocol.

As the EU and UK meet next week to discuss the Northern Ireland Protocol, the EU has heightened tension around the meeting by accusing the UK of “playing politics” with the Northern Ireland agreement. EU Commissioner for Capital Markets Mairead McGuinness accuses Lord Frost of “washing his hand” to what he and the UK Government signed up to.

Mairead told the Irish Independent: “You can’t wash your hands of an agreement that you shaped and made and signed.”

“It just isn’t credible to do that. And I’m sure there are other countries, including the US, that are looking at what the UK are doing and maybe asking questions about the credibility of doing any deals with the United Kingdom.”

Yesterday there were protests all over Northern Ireland urging Boris to dump the Protocol.

The hypocrisy coming from the EU is quite shocking. The EU set doubt in peoples minds when they decided to attempt to unilaterally invoke article 16 of the protocol without consent from Ireland or Northern Ireland. It was the EU that attempted to unilaterally weaponise the border by shutting it yet Brussels accuse Britain of “playing politics” in NI.