Boris SMASHES Starmer in the latest poll asking who best “Stands up for the UK?”

Keir Starmer and Boris Johnson polls

Since Labours disastrous election back in May, multiple polls has seen Starmer falling in popularity. A few days ago, Boris Johnson’s Government gained in the polls.

When people were asked who they would vote for if an election were held tomorrow, the Tories gained +3%, giving the Tories a 16% lead, with the poll standing at 46% for the Conservatives, with Labour at 30% gaining +1%.

The Latest poll asks, who best “stands up for the interest of the UK?”. The polls show Boris Johnsons lead increased by +3% to 49%, with Keir Starmer at 27% losing ground by -2%.

The truth is, people just do not trust Keir Starmer when it comes to being in control of the levers of the country. What’re your thoughts on this?

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