94.8% of Brits said they would buy British instead of products from the EU due to the treatment from Brussels.

With the EU having a hostile attitude towards the UK, a study from Facts4EU states that most Brits would now prefer to buy UK products whenever possible.

Two Brexiteer MP’s David Jones and John Redwood, said the results show that the UK public would be ready to support local British Business than spend money with those in the EU.

Think Tank and investigative fact-checking site Facts4EU constrcted a vote on their website asking whether “EU’s actions towards the UK (was) turning British consumers away from EU27 imports?”

The results were damming for the EU. Out of the 1400 Voters, 30.7% said: They will no longer buy from EU27”, 48.5% said: they would be “Much less inclined” to buy from the EU, and 15.7% were “Less inclined” to buy products from the EU.

Out of the 1400 person poll, 94.8% said they would buy British due to the treatment served by the EU towards Britain.

Tory MP David Jones and deputy chairman of the European Research Group told the Express: “The results of the survey clearly show that, while Britons bear no ill will towards EU citizens and individual member states, they have been alienated by the arrogance and attempted bullying of the European Commission during the Brexit negotiations and since.”

“Most UK citizens would now prefer to buy British- or Commonwealth-produced goods or goods from third countries. That is undoubtedly a major loss to the EU, given the size and affluence of the British economy, but it is also a boost to domestic producers, who now clearly have the goodwill of millions of UK consumers.”

“The shift away from buying EU goods will also be a major asset in our trade negotiations with other countries around the world.”

Tory MP Mr Redwood said: “Many people have been put off buying EU goods and services by the bullying approach of the EU Commission.”

“Their unreasonable approach on fishing, Northern Ireland and border checks generally has made people want to buy British or from the rest of the world.”

“Many countries want to do more business with us and welcome the chance to take down the old EU barriers to our trade with them just as the EU is damaging its own businesses by deliberately making trade with us more difficult.”