EU threaten Court action against the UK over the Northern Ireland Protocol.

The EU is again back out with their threats of court action unless the UK stops taking unilateral action regarding the Northern Ireland Protocol.

Over the last few weeks, Britain has been in a continuous meeting trying to solve the Northern Ireland Protocol.

Because of the reluctant approach to fully implement the Northern Ireland Protocol by the UK government, Ireland Foreign Affairs Minister Simon Coveney has said that if the Protocol isn’t worked upon as a joint effort, the EU will be taking court action against the UK.

Simon told the Irish broadcaster RTE News: “We’ve got to find ways in which we can reduce the impact of the protocol together.”

That means working out compromise positions within the parameters of the protocol to make it less impactful in terms of trade between GB and Northern Ireland – and there are ways to do that.

But the danger is that if either side acts unilaterally.

The British government has already acted unilaterally on a number of issues to essentially set aside elements of the protocol, because they don’t like how they’re being required to implement them.

If that continues, then the protocol is going to become a more contentious issue, not a less contentious issue, because the EU will be forced into legal action and responding to a party and a partner that is no longer committed to what it signed up to.

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bollocks to the eu