According to Labours John McDonnell, those who booed the England football players for taking the knee were “racist”.

According to the former Labour Shadow Chancellor under Jeremy Corby, John McDonnell has said booing player on the pitch for taking the Knee to Black Lives Matter was “racist“.

The controversy started after England played Austria in their final warm-up match at the Riverside Stadium on Wednesday. All 22 players on the pitch took the knee before kick-off. Many in the Stadium Booed, with some applauding them for dropping to their Knees for the Marxist political group, BLM.

Soon after, Labours John McDonnell took to Twitter labelling the booing as “racist” and kicked off, saying those who were booing should be “called out“.

John said: “If supporting BLM is part of the culture war, then bring it on because you have to stand up against this new wave of racism.

Then moments later, McDonnell followed up, saying: “In 80s, there were those who argued in Labour Party that we should keep our heads down on issues like racism, sexism & LGBT rights for fear of being called loony left & alienating some Labour support.

Now it’s for fear of being called woke in a culture war. Time to make a stand.

The truth is, BLM is an organisation who have Marxist aims. They believe in many things like defunding the Police and taking down historical statues ridding of historical identity in the UK.

If BLM we’re so against Black lives being destroyed then what about the massive increase in black on black crime in London over the last few days? Where were the BLM representatives calling it out asking for calm?

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ha ha ha if they didnt take the pathetic knee things would be much differant blacks are deilberatly taking the knee to provoke whites if only they can see how pathetic they are


well then if black lives crap stopped provoking people them maybe it would stop but noo the pathetic football clubs make it continue


…..says he of the antisemetism party!