Khan slammed over multiple reports of violence on the Streets of London.

After multiple violent incidents over the past week in London, many took to social media to vent at the silent newly elected Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan. 

Yesterday there was an incident in Brixton where police officer were attacked for helping a man who’d been stabbed. 

Former Brexit Party MEP, Martin Daubney tweeted: “Police try to help a man who’d been stabbed & shot in Brixton. Mob pelt cops with missiles.

“Just another night in Khan’s lawless London.

Brexiteer and youtuber Darren Grimes posted: “Another reported shooting and stabbing in London.

“The fact that this is now seen as ‘normal’ is utterly damning for both Cressida Dick and Sadiq Khan.”

The truth of the matter is, many dislike the way London is being run. Unfortunately, even though the capital seems to be on its knees, the left still votes in a weak do nothing PC Mayor that puts feelings, safe spaces and knocking down statue ahead of a zero-tolerance approach towards crime.

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been saying for a long time get rid of kahn he is ruining our london and country why wont anyone get rid of him i suppose people are afraid