George Eustice strikes a deal on fisheries with the EU. Whitehall says this could cause a potential backlash from the UK fishing Industry.

George Eustice has today confirmed that a deal had been struck on fishing with the EU. According to the Express, “Whitehall insiders warned the pact would not “please everyone” as they prepared for potential backlash from the UK’s fishing industry”.

Reports read that the EU is extremely happy with the deal, saying it clears the way for future cooperation with the UK after much tension over the last few months.

The EU said the deal leads to a “strong basis for continued EU-UK cooperation in the area of fisheries”. They continued saying the agreement respects the common fisheries policy on sustainability.

The deal allows the two sides to exchange fishing quotas while setting terms for catching non-quota stocks. The EU official said: “This is good for fishermen and women, our coast communities and our ports, as well as for the sustainable use of our marine resources.”

“This also proves that two partners on both sides of the Channel can find agreements and move forward if they work together.”

Mr Eustice said: “While reaching an agreement has been challenging, our aim throughout these fisheries negotiations has been to safeguard the sustainability of our fish stocks and seek an agreement that respects our new status and works for the UK fishing industry.”