HM Treasury denise freedom of information request showing how much money the UK is to pay the EU in the Brexit agreement.

Boris Johnson and Ursula Von Der Leten

With the amount of money that we are said to owe the EU changing like the wind, Brexiteer Ms Adye from Get Britain Out asked for the figure we own in writing from HM Treasury in a freedom of information request.

To her surprise, Ms Adye response from HM Treasury read: “You asked to receive the documents in the reporting package from the EU to the UK.”

“We consider the information engages the exemption at section 27(1)(b) where disclosure would be likely to prejudice relations between the UK and any international organisation.”

” This is a qualified exemption, and we are required to balance the public interest between disclosure and non-disclosure.”

“While we accept there is a general public interest in transparency to improve public understanding of Government we consider that disclosing information that would be likely to prejudice relations between the UK and the European Union and impact on the protected space in which free and frank discussions take place would not be in the public interest.”

Ms Adye responded by saying: “Nearly every week we hear new reports of changes to the amount of money the UK will be required to pay the EU.”

“Yet the Government hide behind protocol when asked to tell the public how they will spend our money!”

“The UK public deserve to know what is being negotiated on our behalf, especially when it pertains to billions of pounds, at a time when the country is in mountains of debt and trying to pull itself out of an economic crisis.”

“Anyone who claims we have a working relationship with the EU has clearly not been paying attention, as they continually try to undermine the UK at every turn.”

“So to use this as an excuse, simply does not hold weight.

Ms Adye from Get Britain Out

She warned: “If these documents will not be released to the public, it raises more and more concerns among Brexiteers of hidden costs which will come back to bite us in the future.”

“The EU has shown they will use every loophole or advantage they can to get leverage over the UK, and they will not give a second thought to bleeding our bank account dry.”

“It is time these and all our dealings with the EU were given greater clarity and scrutiny, because we simply cannot continue along the current path of uncertainty and doubt.”

“These negotiations are taking place on our behalf, and the Great British Public deserve to know what is going on.”

This denial of information does make you wonder how much has been agreed upon by the EU commission and the UK government. Also, has there been an itemised breakdown of the money which we are giving?

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at last it appears some peopl are coming to thier senses finally