French Minister fires warning at London, threatening to use “coercive measures” against the UK to gain access to UK fishing waters.

French Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian has fired a warning to London over French access to UK fishing waters. He claims that France will use “coercive measures” to get their way with the UK.

The Minister said that he would use all levers on a “political and legal level and all the coercive measures at our disposal” to go after the UK if needed.

Though the UK now controls its waters, the French minister still acts like it’s the French fishermen’s right to fish in UK sovereign waters without restriction. 

The French minister said: “The British, unilaterally and without any prior consultation, do not respect the commitments made within the framework of the agreement.

“They interpret the stipulations in such a way as to empty them of their substance or even impose new conditions not only not foreseen in the agreement but which moreover are in contradiction with the spirit of the said agreement ”.

The EU are yet to recognise the UK as a separate 3rd sovereign Nation. Instead, they continue to treat us like a controllable satellite nation of the EU.

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the french arecrafty nasty people hurry up and get rid of them and while you are at it send them back the many thousands of imigrants